Window Wrap wit perforated film

Car Window Wraps, your VIEW TO A THRILL SALE.
Let your rear do the selling.

Car window wraps, while not suitable for all vehicles and situations, is certainly a great low cost product for start-ups. The self-adhesive film is applied onto the outside of the window and has thousands of evenly spaced, die-cut perforated holes through the film.

Through the magic of transmissive light, light/dark differences and mostly magic, you end up with a product that allows you to look out, but presents the outside reader a near opaque area with your message printed on it. Cool.

We always design our car window wraps for maximum legibility, and we urge customers to refrain from adding too much information on their design (if we’re not creating the artwork for you).
And remember to always check with your local by-laws and insurance if a rear car window wrap is allowed. We’ll also gladly supply you with a sample swatch for you to check if you’re comfortable with the overall effect that the wrap provides while applied on your window

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