Half wrap car branding by Wrapz

Work what your
budget gave you!

Half car wraps are the perfect answer when you need the impact of a  full wrap, but have a limited budget (don’t stress about it).  Or you possibly have a short period campaign that needs great exposure, so why blow your load on a full facial car wrap.

By utilising the largest branding space on your vehicle, and cutting all the unneeded spaces from wrapping, you end up with a lean & trimmed advertising medium.

Half car wraps are manufactured from the same high quality film used for full wraps, and it’s laminated with the same high gloss top coat!

We’ll work closely with you AND your budget to maximise the effective branding area. We’ll discuss further cost saving measures, such as avoiding time consuming wrapping areas like bumpers, to help you stretch your budget even further.

There are some points to note about half body car wraps:

  • PRO – Quick turn-around on application
  • CON – Not recommended for long term use (1 year maximum. This ensures the paint does not fade unevenly on your vehicle). 

Half car wraps are a great advertising medium – call us today to find out more.

    Key Points
  • High visual impact
  • Reduced cost vs. full wrap
  • Cost effective
  • Short term solution
  • Quick turn-around application
  • Can be DIY fitted