Car colour change by Wrapz

New Colour! Sure.
New Texture? Absolutely!

Colour change is the perfect answer to your car’s old and dated, look!  There are hundreds of choices now available for changing the colour and texture of your vehicle. From the sublime matt or gloss standard colours to trully outrages holographic, chrome, pearls, leather and other weird and wonderfull options.

A Colour change elevates your vehicle to a whole new level. Your vehicle will undergo a complete face-lift, without loosing any re-sell value. In fact, by completely wrapping your vehicle you protect the original paint work. A more typical colour change is far more cost effective than an actual paint job. It’s quicker too. The more unique textured colour changes are, in most cases, not even achievable through paint work.

Colour changes can also be combined with accent graphic elements. From simple lines to more intricate work.

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    Key Points
  • High visual impact
  • Paint protection
  • Keeps resell value high
  • Quicker than painting
  • Very unique finishes available
  • High drool value 🙂