Print & Cut car branding by Wrapz

CAD Cut pricing.

Full wraps are kewl, but they’re not for everyone. They’re also more suited for long term usage. So what if you need something on your fleet by the weekend? Enter Print & Cut graphics. Your brand’s image is maintained in glorious full colour, but we simplify the application process by cutting away any un-needed visual areas.

Print & Cut can easily be self-installed, further reducing cost and rollout time. With it’s low cost, it’s often within budget to add a Rear Window Wrap to round off the advert.

Let us know if Print & Cut is the solution you need and we’ll assist with pricing, layout, strategy and deployment.

Key Points

  • Great visual impact
  • Perfect for short-term promos
  • Quick turn-around production
  • Easy DIY Kits available.