We,  Wrapz.co.za (“The Company”) will warrant the performance of our full vehicle, or partial vehicle branding when using our preferred and approved cast films, latex inks and cast protective overlaminates for a period of 12 months from the date of wrap or partial branding completion. This warrantee does not cover any damages or failures that might arise from the improper care or use of the wrap or partial branding. This includes, but is not limited to, accidental damage, scratches, buffing of exposed vinyl film edges, solvents, acids, picking, tearing etc. The warrantee covers ink performance and life for a period of 12 months and the adhesive strength of the film for 12 months. The warrantee does not cover lifting or popping (the process of delaminating of the film from the surface of the vehicle) where we have advised against the use of the material. Such examples include, but aren’t limited to, deep recesses on body panels where the stretch performance of the film exceeds the limit prescribed by the manufacterer. Should you elect to have film applied to such area you release The Company from any damages or repair claims.

Limitations of reprints are prescibed as such. If a repeating error or visual defect occurs within 500mm from each other panels will be deemed not suitable for application. Colour shifts occur from panel to panel, even on the same print run and on the same material. This is a manufacturing process.

It is an industry standard practice to apply relief cuts on certain aspects of vehicle wraps. Wrapz.co.za may at it’s own discretion apply relief cuts to a project without the prior written consent from the Customer should it so deem necessary for a longer lasting wrap. Relief cuts refer to the splitting or removal of a section of material to release excessive stresses applied to the material on highly concave, convexed or recessed sections of a surface. These relief cuts may or may not be indicated in the final signed proof.

It is an industry standard practice to panel graphics applied to a vehicle or surface ie: Splitting larger panels into smaller sections. This might be necessary under the following conditions, but not limited to:
– Layout of the print on the raw material to limit space and reduce wastage.
– To reduce larger print sizes into more manageable sections.
– To repair a defective piece of print or graphic.

Split graphics may not always align perfectly, and this can be due to numerous application and media manufacturing limitations. We allow for up to 8mm misalignment on larger flat-panel graphics (eg: truck, trailers, walls etc). We allow for up to 5mm on standard sedan, hatchback and bakkie vehicles. Applications within these tolerance limitations are not liable for reprint.




Printed material may include a certain degree of defect to it as a manufacturing process. The following conditions will constitute a defective print, as deemed by The Company.
– Any anomalies visible from 250 cm or more.
– Any anomalies that repeat for more than 3 times per 100cm horizontally and/or 100cm vertically.
– Any anomalies that changes the colour by more that 15% as measured by a calibrated colorimeter on the same visible plain of print.
– Cast material that has lifted by more than 1cm diagonally over a 90degree inverted corner or 1.5cm in corners greater than 90degree recesses.

Further notes on the Warranty
– Warranty cover extends to cast self adhesive applications ie: Cast Vinyl
– Warranty does not cover applications involving Monomeric or Polymeric material ie: Normal or Standard Vinyl
The warranty covers the wrap under the following conditions:
– The premature failure of the material outside of the above mentioned Industry Standard Accepted Practice guidelines.

Exclusion under the warranty
-The failure of the wrap due to environmental and mechanical influences
– The failure of the wrap due to negligence
– The failure of the wrap due to riot, vandalism, sabotage, abuse
– The company shall not be liable for third party costs incurred to the customer due to product failure due to any circumstances whatsoever.

Wrapz.co.za shall take to repair or replace the print within the following guidelines, as deemed acceptable by Wrapz.co.za and within the guideline within this Terms and Conditions Agreement.
– A repair to lifting material shall be made by cleaning and re-glueing the material
– A repair to lifting material shall be made by applying a clear film over the affected area.
– A repair to lifting material shall be done by removing the affected area and replacing it with a new section, so long as the new section does not have a colour change of more that 15% as outlined above, it does not cover more than 30% of the affected panel and it will not adversely affect the total effectiveness of the wrap and it’s intended purpose.
– A repair to lifting material shall be done by replacing the affected area’s panel by replacing the wrap on that panel, so long as the new section does not have a colour change of more that 15% as outlined above elsewhere.
– A repair to lifting material shall be done by replacing the entire plane of the affected graphic.