Full vehicle car wrap by Wrapz

(Almost) Larger than life advertising!

Truck sides are a BRILIANT advertising space if used correctly. Let our expertise ensure that your investment (both the truck and the branding) keeps generating awareness and sales for you from the day we install, to the day we re-wrap it.

Our truck branding service comes with a few industry firsts and unique services*:

  • 3 months free limited repair service to minor and medium damage obtained to the graphic.
  • Optional heavy duty top laminate to protect against branches and other scratch-causing items.
  • Optional on-site installation service, or out-of-hours installations.

We can also provide assistance with damaged fibreglass sides, ensuring that the branding is applied to a perfect surface.

Of course we understand you might not want a full wrap, and that’s no problem either. We are more than happy to assist you CAD cut graphics, offering a lower entry point to branding your truck or fleet.


Our truck-side curtains are printed on a premium 900gsm heavy duty PVC, and UV glazed to ensure the longest possible life for the curtain and print. Also on offer is an anti-theft inner lining which can be fitted to your print to reduce stock losses in high-theft areas. Please email us your truck-side tarp request and we’ll get in touch with you kwik-sticks to sort out the details.

    Key Points
  • MASSIVE visual impact
  • Paint protection
  • Keeps resell value high
  • Great for brand awareness