CAD Cut graphics and stickers by Wrapz

It’s possible with CAD Cut.

There’s something great to be said about well executed fleet marking, aka CAD Cut graphics. Cut graphics have been around for a LONG time, and has been the preferred method of fleet branding since (the now demising) sign-writing with paint. It brings with it exciting colour options and effects not possible with full colour printing (more on that later). It also allows for vast fleets to be branded extremely cost effectively, while maintaining consistent brand identity. Fleet marking is also the sure-fire way to go with leased vehicles and high turn-over vehicles. Courier and other large truck body trucks are perfect candidates for this branding method as they get scratched and scuffed by trees etc daily. (Though we have a full colour wrap solution for this scenario too – call and ask about our long term truck product)

While fleet marking is almost exclusively done by our installers, there’s no reason why you or your staff can’t be educated and guided to DIY install for your remote branches, reducing traveling and application fees down to zero. We provide detailed guides and instructions too, should this be a route that you would like take.

As we mentioned prior, CAD Cut graphics offer exclusive colour options – by manufacturing the graphics from pre-pigmented film, you can often get much closer to required corporate ID specifications, eg: a bright orange can’t be faithfully reproduced in print due to the technical limitations of various processes. BUT, a bright or even luminous orange can be purchased and used, increasing visual impact. There’s also fluorescent, reflective, holographic, textured and pearlescent – to name a few! These colours are most often far more UV stable, so your brand will look better for longer.

Colours can even be custom manufactured, should the scope of the fleet marking be sizable enough.

We’d love to discuss your fleet marking project, so please pop us an email or call our offices today to chat to a product specialist today.

    Key Points
  • High visual impact
  • Unique colour options
  • Textured films available
  • DIY Install available
  • Extremely Long Lasting